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I have plants coming tomorrow. A LOT of plants. I squee, truly. I have all sorts arriving; osteopermums (three different kinds, sprog adores daisies) snapdragons, psychedelic geraniums, the list goes on. I also have fertiliser, gloves, tools and watering hose so I don't need to be making dozens of trips with a watering can.
I have tomato grow houses and monster-climbing clematis for the fence, bush mallows and herb starts of goat's rue and wild violet, sweet woodruff and teasel, cleavers and marshmallow and meadowsweet and horehound and-
You get the idea here. I am on a Mission for colour and foilage and a little bit of wild-space, for herbcraft and food and fruit and flower. Unfortunately, the soil isn't quite here yet but these plants can wait, they're all in pots and being fertilised with compost tea and fussed over like spoiled children.
Wumpy house was ordered tonight, and we've upgraded! Why? Because the ex is a sucker :P and he loves to spoil his child. Mr I-Don't-Have-Anything-To-Do-With-Plants-Ever voted to add on shutters and windowboxes to the Wumpy House. "Well, he has to have a place to put his plants!" he said. Bless him. I'll need to line the windowboxes to cut down on rot and make sure they're painted appropriately, but I'm charmed he would think about that. I'll probably keep the plants in low pots or something, or just as annuals, I'll have a think about it. I need to save up for the paint.
So now I'm reading up on propagating osteospermums, proper root protection for clematis (cover the roots with rocks for shade...gee, methinks that won't be too much an issue (!!!) and proper care for bush mallows. I'm plotting and planning for propagation in the fall to increase the plant repertoire once the topsoil is in...and generally, even with unpleasantness, I'm grinning like a maniac.
So a SQUEE for plants, and a further squee for my son's excitement. "Mummy, are we digging today?"

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