27 March Is A Go!
0 comment Monday, June 9, 2014 |
The Youth Leader of the local charity group came out to have a look at the garden and I. Am. Overjoyed. Apparently, this group does a lot of gardenworks for the disabled and for others who need assistance with gardens. I had thought they only do clearing of rubbish, but they've offered to not only get rid of the compost-tip, but also to clear the current raised bed and add proper soil so I can turn it into a gardenspace, to take up the old paving stones and put in new ones with donated material (they often go to houses where paving stones are laid up against the side of the garage and forgotten - if ten people have three stones each, that's a whole patio!), to get rid of all my brambles and also to put down some substrate and semi-permeable material on the other half of the patio spot so that too can be used for growing.
Let there be a loud, joyful WOOT!
They can't do much about the leveling or putting in any beds in the upper garden bit, and fencing is also somewhat beyond them - that's another project, obviously and still something to work toward - but it will at least make the lower half of the garden much more useable, so I don't have to put all plans of gardening or having time outside on hold. Not that I'm going to stop on getting the rest of the garden done, either; it's still woefully difficult to get funding to do such works and I feel that's horribly unfair. I'm going to continue to seek out assistance in that regard and try and shout a bit to get the need for such assistance recognised. I'm still looking at struggling to mow the upper portion of lawn and it's still going to be in a poor state, but every little counts toward the big picture right now.