Further Plots And Plans
0 comment Tuesday, May 20, 2014 |
It has been raining for weeks almost nonstop - the garden as a result has been rather, shall we say, lush. I only just managed to bat the grass down yesterday but it was hard going! I'm also finding that the weed hacker is giving me much too much trouble at the moment trying to constantly adjust the nylon wire feed with my dodgy hands, so I'm looking to get another one that doesn't require me to constantly push-twist-fight-and-curse just to get a few inches of cord out of it. We shall hope for a miracle!
The potatoes have, alarmingly, reached a point where I actually have to start bringing them inside. The very early season coupled by loads of rain means they have matured way in advance of requirements! So now I'm bringing in first and second earlies in abundance and getting them stored. No big shakes as child is happy to be eating potatoes by the score and will do so ad nauseum but I was hoping for a good stash for the fall. Oh well, if he eats them I can't complain! We've been eating raspberries and strawberries by the trickle, which is good. Tomatoes are starting to look promising now although the constant wet looked as if I was going to be defeated! The cherries didn't make it through all the battering we've had, which was a shame as I was looking forward to those, but nevermind. Apples and pears are still doing their thing and the loganberries are also producing.
Inside the house, I am slowly updating child's room with new draperies and storage space. The craft room is getting the same treatment so it's more organised in there. And with all this bustle about I realise that, yes, I need more power tools. With my hands in the state they are at the moment, gone are the days when I can operate a manual screwdriver! Electric all the way, baby! So I think I'll be heading to B & Q in the near future and plunking down a bit of dosh in getting some equipment round the house (and believe me, when it came to power tools and DIY I was head of household long before the ex).
I've got clearance to get a multi-fuel stove for the house and I'm calling round now for quotes. It's going to be pricey, but I will NOT freeze like I did the past two winters. I've had enough of it. I've got a fair bit of dosh to get some decent and worthwhile so I will get my money's worth on that. The front path I'm still calling around on as that seems to be the most "cowboy-prone" endeavour and I want it done right.
Summer is coming, and I want to get the house squared away as best I can so I can enjoy the summer with child in relative peace. I need the quiet and the fun times, as I'll be pushing full steam ahead again for his education as well as the right to transport of same - and it will not be an easy fight for either one. Cross fingers!