Crossroads Again
0 comment Thursday, May 1, 2014 |
I am at another of these places - I need to make some choices. And I am taking counsel at my centre to decide what road to take.
Things have become Interesting. The steps I've had to take to be able to move on my with life (as my ex is so convinced to go on with his) has presented me with choices. Some of these will be difficult, and I am weighing up the pros and cons. I can't really go into it here in public but it's going to be rather major. I'm going in a direction I never thought I'd have to go - and I really loathe it. Making an enemy of someone I thought of as my best friend is not the way I wanted to roll, but for the safety of myself and my son, needs must.
In the meantime, I'm spending as much time with sprog as I can; I've made biscuits, we picked blackberries together, built a model plane together, had a cuddle and watched videos. We read books and I tell him I love him as often as it comes to mind.
That will do. It will be enough.