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Once a week, sometimes twice, I feel up to a spate of kitchen magic, and today as I surveyed somewhat depleted breakfast stuffs for myself, I debated making something breadish and decadent. Plans for brioche was foiled as I realised I only had wholegrain wheat and spelt flour left, so I decided to try something I haven't done in ages (years in fact) and looked up a recipe for cinnamon rolls. I had to do a fair few substitutions (nothing but demera and caster sugar in the house, so it meant cooking the sugar mixtures slightly to get the right toffee-like consistency) but the results were worth it. I've nommed my way shamelessly through two cinnamon rolls and my favourite cup has its second fill of chai. Now, armed with my handwarmers I can sit down and get some typing done before facing the mess I've made preparing this stuff in the kitchen.
Whilst the oven was on, I figured it would be a good time to start a casserole, and so venison, sweet dumpling squash, red onions and porcino mushrooms are stewing away and shall do for several hours, and I'm just about to take an apple-strawberry-ginger wine crumble out of the oven and let it cool for later. Sorted for food today without having to just resort to another day of dry toast, so that's all fine for me!
Tonight was supposed to be another swimming lesson but I am sadly having to admit defeat in this regard; even trying to get out the house and hobble about, getting sprog prepared for swimming, waiting around for a cab to come in the bitter cold...I can't. I hate it, but I can't do it. I will hope sprog might want to try the buns I've just made (or some storebought biscuits which are still in the tin) and then we'll do some painting and watch another of the "Last Chance to See" programmes together before sorting out dinner.
I'm coming to grips slowly with my rather housebound status at the moment, even though it isn't a fun thing to have to come to grips with. I try not to rant and rail against it, but I make plans now for future home arrangements, as I am now realising how much effort even going up and down the steps is taking out of me. I know the rheumatologist I was seeing rather quick to just blame my weight for that (as everyone seems to do) but there's obviously other stuff there, and why blow everything I've got energy-wise on stairs when I could do something FUN? So...le-sigh, bungalow it will have to be from now on.
Garden plans for the new house are kicking around in my head - never fear, I'm not letting gardening go, no matter what! But depending on how the diagnosis rolls, I begin to consider maybe getting "night-garden" types of plants; white and scented which open at night. Again, I'm sticking to doing all this in pots, but I'm also having to think about staying out of the sun as much as possible. Lots to consider.
In any event, the buns have been consumed and the tea is cooling, so I best get to writing today.

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