Bung It In Gardening
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I don't often post photos of my child - he's beautiful (and I don't think I'm completely biased here) and also vulnerable, and gods knows how many creeps there are on the internet, but this huge smile on my son's face pretty much epitomises why I have spent over seven months and countless hours drumming up support and funding for gardening, frustration and aching limbs and exhaustion and arguments with estate agents and...yeah.
But here's the payoff; new plants arriving from Thrive containing some perennials, which I was very glad to see - I like the colour of annuals but I don't have the energy to continuously put plants in the ground, so something I can just bung in and tend as it grows suits me fine. So, here were these lovely plants, just waiting for somewhere to go and I know my son would be keen when he got home as he's been waiting for these plants ever since I told him they'd be arriving.
He has an obsession with rocks, pretending they're fossils and arranging them in (very convincing) vertebrae formations. Since our soil is pretty much all flint with a bit of clay in between, finding rocks isn't hard, and he'd found loads. So, I told him we could make a bed for his plants, and he decided he wanted to do a "rock line". He put all the rocks together into a low wall, chose the plants he wanted, and I cleared weeds, dug in the last of our soil (and pulled out even more rocks) then put the wallflower, snapdragon, and "pincushion" (can't remember the name of it) plant in. The board in the back is there to rather quixotically keep the weeds on the other side of the fence at bay, but since there are two tree saplings right there, I think this might be rather wishful thinking. If I snipped them down, I wonder if anyone would notice....
Still, it was a good effort and my son was obviously very pleased. That's only three plants out of, well, a whole lot left! So we've still got our work cut out for us over the next few weeks. But bung-it-in-and-water-it shall be the whole of the law. I'm lovin' my tools, though - not having to be on the ground on hands and knees is such a blessing!

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