Arch Thowts
0 comment Sunday, May 25, 2014 |
Child has asked for a garden arch today, and I have been thinking long and hard about it (as well as eyeing the bank balance). He has aspirations for his garden area to be a "secret place" and since I know the back bit is now mostly safe for him I don't see the issue with it, really. If an arch festooned with a thornless rose and some lavender hedge would make him feel like his own little space, then cool. The issue of course is that those flimsy metal things I've seen just won't do - we need something sturdy which can tolerate the fact my son will more than likely try to climb it (so artistic trellis crosshatching is right out as well). I'm just weighing up the cost and have sent an email to D to query how much it would be to install; there's no chance of me digging, pouring cement and installing anything so I'd need some lads round to sort it.
I can sock a bit of cash away - the bakers' dozen tax credit payment came in so I'm getting caught up with child's clothing requirements, groceries, and a sanity break for self and very hardworking friend this weekend - and should be able to pay for decent stuff to be installed by May. This means no over-cushy Languishment Couch for me but nevermind, I'll make do with something else I'm sure, if I keep my eyes open I'll maybe get a deal somewhere. Still want a chiminea as well, so shaking the "bargain bin" mojo stick.
Can't type for long today, hands aren't really agreeing with me at the moment (this has taken considerably longer than you'd think just by reading it). Today I am going to let sprog plant some peas all by himself - partly to encourage his own independence, party because I don't think I can do it today with these flippin' hands! We'll see how we do.