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I managed to get some of my errands done today though it seems every time one is sorted I've got two more to deal with, the phone rings to add a third, and then somewhere in between I have to have the energy to cook and clean and entertain sproggo. Today's mission to get fruit for sprog's lunches was foiled, as I just ran out of energy and couldn't walk another step. I think that's going to be a mission for doing a bit of PYO this weekend with a friend if she's feeling a bit better.
But what really did my head in was coming home on the bus, and counting apple trees; some wild in the hedges, some growing huge in people's gardens. One, two, three, four....and then a pear tree, absolutely massive...five, six.
Six apple trees. Three of them desert apples, the rest cooking apples, and a pear tree. And what are the odds that the people who own these trees are actually going to eat any of the apples which are up there? Pretty slim, to be honest; the trees are HUGE, so huge you'd need a picker in a lift crane to get to them, the lower limbs having been all lopped off to display the gardens below and to bring in light. Year after year, the scenario is the same - the apples fall and rot and they clear them up and throw them in the bin; not even composted.
And here's me, needing to buy fruit from the store for my son this week.
You'd think, wouldn't you, that I could just go up and ask to do a bit of scrumping. Surely, they're just going to go to waste? But no...I've tried in the past and people got nervous and "asked" me to shove off before they called the police. Gods forbid someone put a use to something they had no use for whatsoever.
So, I eye the half-dozen, beautifully laden trees with skins the colour of rubies and with a delightful blush, and the rich pale green - and I know they're going to be nothing but rotted mush in a few weeks.
And I'll have to pop down to Tescos and buy apples in a bag. Go figure.

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