Wumpyhouse And Elder Flowers
0 comment Saturday, September 13, 2014 |
So blue and white Wumpy-House is currently being painted beneath overcast skies, although the threat of rain is holding off till tomorrow. I should at least be able to paint the exterior today, and make a grand attempt at the interior while sprog is abed, as I'll have plenty of light to work for a while tonight. The shutters and windowboxes just got their last coat, and I'm now working on the cross-pieces for the windows, while the whole house has received its first coat - I'll put one more coat on the exterior and call that a day.
And sprog? Well, to be honest - and to our chagrin -he doesn't seem to quite know to make of it yet. He plays inside for a little bit as long as someone is outside, so he can make up-to-the-minute reports on what he's doing/what movie he's reciting, etc. Otherwise, he has spent little time in the place. If he doesn't really have anyone to "show off" to, playing by himself isn't an activity he's very keen on. A mixed blessing, but nothing else for it, really. I will hope he'll warm up to the Wumpy House in time, as we move a few more toys into the space (and have a warmer day).
In addition, I have my eye on the elder tree which is half-in/half-out of my garden space. There's enough of these this year to make some cordial, so I'm just waiting until there are enough in flower to warrant plucking them and getting them brewed. My microclimate is a fair bit behind others so most are still in the bud, but all in due time, maybe this week.