Planning For Trees
0 comment Tuesday, September 16, 2014 |
Our Xmess tree is decidedly of the "Goth folk" variety...yes it's black. Yes, there are Nightmare Before Christmas baubles on it. Mwahaha.
However, this is decidedly artificial, and not really the subject of this 'ere post. I haven't done much garden whitter in here lately, which is a shame; I think I'm distancing myself from it really as I put all that work out there this year and yet, lo and behold, I have to move. It was good while I was here, and I hope the next tenants will treat the garden with respect and regard, but needs must. I'm just struggling too much to stay and discussions will begin next week to put the pitch forward how to make it happen (and of course, the Council, whilst it has to do the move once I've been granted it, doesn't want to spend the money, so I have to keep the pressure up).
I suppose it could be said I should have just moved earlier this year, but there wasn't any money on my end either in order to do so. I'm appealing and re-appealing positions for more funds now, and whilst it's all up in the air, I am feeling a bit more on the level for being able to keep me and child secure in an uncertain future.
However, there's no chance in Hades I'm giving up gardening - I just need outdoor space too much to ever give it up entirely, and I've noted with a gleam in my eye quite a few bungalows (yes, having to forego stairs is one of my considerations now) are offering gardening services along with their rents. Good news for me, at least!
I'm also still on a mission for fruit trees. Now that Ludo is back in her ancestral pile, I don't have to worry about massive Leonbergers eating all the pears off the trees, just wumps! He has been asking and asking for a pear tree, so I have certainly decided to invest, and of course there's also a mulberry. These will go into pots, as the cherry outside seems to be doing quite well in one, and I'll continue hoping for a good harvest eventually.
Come to that, when it comes to lettings I do tend to look for more "greener" choices - wood fires, good insulation, and enough space to grow some food in. I've been turned on by a friend of mine with similar mindset to a local estate agency which prides itself upon catering to folks looking for such homes. I've presented my case - rather impoverished disabled family geared to greenness - and hope perhaps they might actually be more stirred by being united like minds than whether or not they can gouge a bunch of cash out of me. The only downside is they are one council over, and due to my son's Statement I really can't move out of county - I don't want to go through all this mess again! However, there is one property they have, in Warminster, which has caught my eye - it fits all my requirements; bungalow, shower over bath, lovely garden, what appears to be a heater in the front room (albeit it may be electric, I don't care I'll take what I can get) and a heated, lighted, insulated garage which would do nicely for a studio space. The price is great as well and pets are considered. I'm crossing my fingers it will still be there for a while (and since no one really wants to move during the holidays, I'm in with a chance).
In any event, we're going to enjoy the holidays where we are, best we are able. I'm going to wade my way through loads of paperwork, meetings, and then gather my strength for the two weeks of holiday time. In the interim, I'm doing some fruit tree price comparisons.