Occupying A Wump
0 comment Tuesday, September 30, 2014 |
This is actually more difficult of late than it should be. He doesn't want to go outside as the kids next door get him in trouble whenever he's out there (they get into mischief over the fence and the father bellows at the lot as a result which frightens son to death). I've tried getting him to clean his room with some results, but this wasn't very easy - it took an hour just to get him to stop screaming and throwing things because it was "too hard" to do. It took five minutes by the time he decided to finally get with the programme. However, attempts to get him to do a long-abandoned Lego project failed considerably - there are Lego pieces scattered over four boxes and it's "too hard" to look for any of them. I suppose this translates to the often-repeated phrase I've seen online when kids say they're "too lazy lol" to check some FAQs, open a search engine and look something up, or anything else which would involve them doing something for themselves.
"Where's the piece, son?"
"It's not here."
"Go look for it, it's in your room somewhere."
"NO!" Cue huge blowup for no reason other than he wants ME to do the work, and then the explosion of various excuses why the piece must be gone, other than it's in his room and he has to look.
"The cats crushed it!"
"Someone came into my room and stole it!" (not entirely inaccurate, I have found the kittens with pieces of Lego, but this is due to there being so much of it strewn round the room).
He has five massive lego constructions, all of which only managed to survive a grand total of seven days. He broke them with his rough handling and he refuses to put them back together, so there are five boxes, filled with amazing work, which could be taken apart and done again within a few hours due to child's brilliance with the stuff. But, on the whole, he refuses to do it.
Instead, he's turning his attention bloody-mindedly to the one set with a faulty piece. Several bits pop off due to some kind of discrepancy with the pegs and holes, no matter what pieces you try and fit on it. Attempts to get him diverted to something else (because I know what's coming) failed utterly and I finally lost my patience and left him to it. I can now hear him started to whine "nooooooo" as the piece has popped off again for the umpteenth time. Within moments, he'll fling the whole set across the room, then refuse to pick up any of the pieces.
Square one, round and round we go.
"You have to buy me new lego, mum," he tells me, as I eye the boxes and boxes of broken pieces and half-finished projects, the toys which entertained him for all of a day, and then he grew bored, wanting the next new thing. I know what my answer must be - these aren't cheap, but if I say "no" he just keeps repeating "You HAVE to." I guess to his mind I'm only saying no because I didn't hear him properly.
I envy the hell out of people who had kids who could "occupy themselves". I don't have that luxury.