Time To Wump
0 comment Saturday, August 2, 2014 |
Wumping is the term we use for sprog's general running about and doing stuff mode. It's been rainy, cold, wet, and so forth for weeks, so today, for the first time in yonks, the sun is out in a blue sky and my son is outside "digging" (read - "ripping up the turf with a hand trowel"). I wince for the state of my garden - all one side is dug up with holes of varying size - but it keeps him happy and at some point I'll be able to cover the offending holes with beds or something.
We've actually had a pretty good day - I taught my son about sewing as he had clothes that needed mending, and I pushed the needle through and then let him pull so I could stitch again. We actually got a good rhythm going and I also got the mending done. He's young, and he has autism, true, but that doesn't mean he can't learn life skills if he's an interest. So between wumping was general chill, and that too was a good thing.
I'll be trying to send my grantwork for the garden in this week. I am also looking to get assistance from Gardens for Disabled; the biggest and most expensive thing to do out there is flattening the ground. I'm still really a bit "eek" about this because the cost is so huge and I can't see anyone paying for such an expense - it's not money I have either, and unless that plot-leveling is done first, none of the other gardening can take place. I've been wracking my brains on this for days, and even asked round for volunteers (fat chance, really, but at least no one could say I didn't try everything). I'll also need to find a second quote on the levelling and it's not really something I want to do, as most places charge for their quotes; besides, I'm happy with D and don't want to get anyone else in!
Planting in pots wherever there is free space is certainly an option and something I've done in the past; all I have to do with various plants and things is put them out when beds are ready, so I may do that. I've certainly enough pots and boxes for the time being. Putting the peas and beans, squash and larger plants may be difficult to place but again I've grown all those in pots at one point, I could do it again.
The money is the big issue; with it getting milder outside, it becomes more pressing for me to actually be doing something (well that and spring fever is pretty intense anyway). I've socked away some cash this month for the project, and more next month as well. I'll have to figure out how to apply for this stuff to get the most chance of funding - I'm not really sure how to do that as brutal honesty seems to scare many places off, but I'll see whether I can manage.