Garden Clearing In The Works
0 comment Saturday, August 16, 2014 |
Huzzah! Through a few conversations and some pulled strings, a local youth group is coming to have a look round on Friday with a view to getting rid of the metal and tip-area in the back garden. This is a definitive YAY. I'm not sure exactly when they'll manage to get round to it; it may not be till March. However I certainly won't complain if I can get that awful eyesore out of my garden this year. I hope they'll dispose of it as best they can - I doubt any of the broken-down stuff that LOOKS like soil is non-toxic, let alone organic; I did actually remove a can or two of paint from the pile when I last tried to get it cleared out.
This weekend, strawberry migration...with photos and a sprog, deities save us.
More soon.