A Bit Of A Garden-Faff
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While my languishment hasn't completely recovered I find I can Do Stuff but the fog and brain-not-working-ness is still pretty intense. This post might make sense, and then it might not. I'm not really sure but I've noted already today my communication skills are off. Bear with me.
Right, so Stage 3 started yesterday and I'm a bit "hm". This is the second time my garden has been left in a semi-done state for an indeterminate period of time, and my son isn't the type of kid that you can tell him to stay off something and not muck about with it. So the semi-sort of split level has been pummelled with rocks, soil kicked all over, the poles sticking up have filled one of his hands with splinters (and THAT was fun trying to get them out, cue much screaming). Also not happy that a rosebush I have saved twice now from being trod on was trod on again just as it had sent forth its first bloom into the air (and I was so chuffed about that *sigh*) I'm kind of not impressed, but I'll sort it - NOT today however as I'm almost certain to come across totally wrong and I can't afford to be making enemies due to not having access to language in my head. I need a Languishment Interpreter.
What I am impressed about is I now have a proper bed next to the giant rosebush - and I have duly put some more stuff in - the last stump of the rose from the front (and the hole of which I rather quixotically put another rosebush in the same spot hoping that one is big enough to be noticed), another rosebush from a pot it was growing out of, some asters which needed moving, and some perennials. This might end up being waaaaaay too crammed but I'll move it later in the year. This has some twine running along the front of it to keep the dog off her "perch" (she stands with her front paws on the wall to check out what the neighbourhood is doing) as I don't want her bimbling about in my plants. Notice the rocks. Yes, that's a lot of rocks. No, I'm not shifting them - I'm not that much a masochist.
My masochistic tendencies are already taking their beating (hur hur) by working on the "found bed" project. Good grief, what am I thinking? This bramble and snowberry and gods-knows-what is THICK in here, and last night I managed to earn myself a few scratches and yet another spider bite on my leg. I felt the little bleeder this time, and managed to get him/her off, but they didn't survive (and even though it bit me, I did feel a bit bad about that). Thankfully I kept antibiotics from the last debacle so I'm dosing up. I can't tackle this mess all in one go, but I go out for about a half hour and mutter, rip, bend, tear, curse, lug and fight a few stalks of bramble and snowberry out at a time. It's s-l-o-w going. I do not expect to get this thing clear this summer. I don't even know if I can keep it clear, but I'll do what I can to give the peony at least a fighting chance, and maybe cram something else in along the back to keep stuff from coming back.
Today is a pretty good day and sprog has been in wumpy-house, but has been suffering a bit from couch-potato-ness (not helped by the fact yesterday I was way too tired to be entertaining and his behaviour was atrocious). We'll probably eat outside today to encourage a bit more "outdoor time" and I'm just going to try and keep my words and tasks today as simple as I can. I'm not up to trying to talk - it's taking too much effort and I'll botch it. Hopefully we'll be left in peace to eat it, as I know I'll snap off today.
This is the perk of dealing with plants; I don't have to be thinking 100% clear. I don't even have to be completely attentive. Bindweed=pull, grass=cut, water, water, water. I don't need to watch what I'm saying or how I say it, I don't have to try and backpedal when I realise no, I really am NOT able to communicate today if the look on the other person's face is any indication. I've discovered when people say "That's all right" in those situations, they don't mean it; they really do think I'm just a prat. So it's best if I just stay home and do my thing until the brainfog passes. It's a helluva lot easier than trying to explain this condition which makes my brain shut down - especially when you can't see it.
So, some homemade elderflower is at hand (and it's lovely, too). Time to get some lunch sorted and I think we'll end up with some strawberry shortcake too. Actually, shortcake sounds awesome.

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