Rain And Rain Some More
0 comment Friday, July 18, 2014 |
Today, Mum Nature is delivering aplenty. I'm glad I got the WumpyHouse painted yesterday as today is a full day of rain - it hasn't stopped since 7 am, and it doesn't look like it will for the whole of the day. Not a bad thing as the ground definitely needed it, and my water barrel wasn't very full. No complaints here.
Today is therefore a bit of a cleaning day since there's no chance of gardening. Sprog has been in his little house to listen to the rain on the roof - apparently that's one of his favourite things to do, so hurrah there. He's played with his electronic book and we've had a reading session, and now he's watching Ice Age 3 for what will prove to be probably the first of at least four times today (though I do try to limit his video watching). Lunches will be sorted out and then, with any luck, I can get a batch of soap done tonight to replace my very depleted stocks - as in about three weeks' time I have another event to attend and I desperately need stock for it, or I shan't be going.
Even though it isn't the best baking day, I'm doing a bit of brioche as well, though not in the massive quantities of previously. I wanted a nice egg-bread loaf this week, and although it will take longer to rise on a day like today, I should manage.
Time to get out of these paint-encrusted clothes and into, well, a different set of grungies to do a bit of housekeeping in. Not very posh, me.