More Work To Commence
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Things are somewhat quiet here due to me quite honestly being too strung out lately to write anything interesting. I've been busy this week - nothing too major, really, but Languishment has meant I've been calling off all activities at around noon and napping until my son gets home. I'm still getting rather Red-Alert levels of fatigue however, and the shopping run I'm doing this morning will be brief and to the point so I can come back and do some much overdue mending and preparation for the fair event at the end of the month.
I now have a HEPA air filter/ioniser to cut down on the dust levels in the house, and it seems to be working quite well - we'll see how it does on the dust but I notice I'm not sniffling or coughing as much as I was doing, and the sore throat I've been suffering from for the past month is also starting to ease a bit. We also have spider scarers installed in sprog's room and hopefully these will keep the spiders out of there this year.
Tonight the landscaping team will pop round to discuss what we can do with the garden to make it more level, along with raised bed plotting and hopefully a bit of a topsoil score. After purchasing more plants and tools for the garden I have about �500 left but that should certainly manage to get a bit more done, hopefully in time for summer break. The main thing is leveling the garden even further to cut the sloping down to a minimum and getting a raised bed or two installed. Topsoil hopefully will be left over and I can use that to reseed the lawn. I really miss having grass!
It's definitely getting to outside weather time again as sprog asks to go outside now on a regular basis - it's around 7am right now and sprog has been up since six, and has already been outside twice! It's not too interesting out there at the moment - no beds, no wumpyhouse, but he's entertaining himself with the flints and laying them out like dinosaur skeletons and "fossil hunting". He's certainly looking forward to the delivery on Monday as I've told him of all the new plants and tools which he will have all to himself, and so a very excited Wump will be coming home from school to get started.
I'll be following up with some more photos of this final Stage 3 for the year as things commence, so fingers crossed things will be happening soon!

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