Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Languishment
0 comment Tuesday, July 15, 2014 |
The weekend was pretty frenetic and I find myself doing the best I can to try and recover from it, whilst fighting what might be trying to be the flu but I'm not at home to swine flu. So, I have pulled out my trusty juicer and dosed up on fresh orange, carrot and ginger. Feeling considerably better! Eating might help but to be honest that involves having energy to cook, which I don't, sadly.
I'm not the only one suffering from a case of the sleeps; child has been unusually sleepy for the past three weeks and today he actually ended up falling asleep in the quiet room at school for three hours! It is very unusual and he claims he was up in the middle of the night playing (might be true but I would have heard him). So I've given him an extra dose of vitamins today as well. He's still coughing quite a bit but at the rate he's able to run around like a mad thing it doesn't seem to be affecting him so much.
My case of languishment has scuppered even the simplest of gardening planning however; I'm completely unable to get dressed at the moment, let alone go outside and even put a few seeds in the ground! Nothing for it though, unfortunately. I should be easier on myself really - it's still only January, the ground is thawed here but pretty frozen everywhere else so some of my orders won't even arrive for some time. If it was May I'd have a right to panic!
Still, other things have had to suffer as well; I haven't been to the local market in months. To my utter annoyance I'm shopping supermarkets again, and even (horrors!) buying bagged prepared veg and prepared meals to freeze so I can at least be sure I'm eating something on days I'm too tired to do much. Yes, it's more expensive and endless plastic bags isn't great for environment either, but the sheer effort of standing and cutting veg is too much, even though I know I've got to eat more sensibly than I have been.
This is really not how I want to be doing things, but I shall hope eternal I'll end up with some mobility help to get me down into city centre for the market this year. I try and at least order from Abel & Cole for my juicing fruit but it's certainly not a cheap option and does mean I have to have a care.
Even so I'm still finding myself able to put a few quid into my savings account for a rainy day, even if it's just �20-30. I couldn't find the balance at first and got too ambitious, then had to scramble and take money out again! But now, a pony is plenty enough, I'm finding, and every little away makes me feel a bit better in case something should go very much the way of the pear and need paying out.
So it's been a bit frustrating that I've had to slide on a few things - back to buying laundry powder, buying a load of prepared meals as opposed to cooking myself, giving up on getting dressed for the time being and just sleeping for as long as possible - eventually this too will pass and I'll have a couple good days to catch up.