The Languishment
0 comment Friday, June 27, 2014 |
This phrase was coined by a gothly friend of mine with a fair collection of rather unpleasant afflictions. She called it "The Languishment"; because it sounded more glamorous and because tuberculosis, the disease of the Victorian aesthetics, has gone out of style. She used to state that one should be able to say "I can't go out this evening, darlings, I have the Languishment" and have it conjure up images of women drooping elegantly on velvet chaise lounges with a glass of port and some clove cigarettes nearby. The Languishment should only strike between the hours of three and five when it's usually time for tea anyway, so a good and proper lie down is perfectly acceptable. She succumbed to her Languishment a few years ago, but I still use the phrase, and I think she would be pleased and amused to note the word has even become rather well used in the urban dictionaries of the interwebs.I've been hit my pretty heavy languishment this week. Post-holiday, post snow-storm, no gym attendance (and I was going religiously for months), early wakeups at 4am, late nights trying to put together further business plans as the crafty circuit I intended on following this year is nonexistent until Xmas due to refurbishment/lack of interest/lack of money. There's been a lot of up-and-down emotionally and while things are finally evening out and looking up, it seems my body has decided it can afford downtime now, and I'm exhausted, and have been exhausted for days without any real reason why.
One can't fight when that happens - it only leads to more frustration. I take the week to drink tea, put my feet up, grab a nap when needed and remind myself to eat well, take my vitamins and herbs, remember to grab my weights (now much reduced from when I was working out in December, boo) and do a few sets, and do some downtime, some me-time. It's frustrating when I want to be up and doing, but I have to listen to my body and decide whether it's something to push or something to let slide. And since I've been pushing for a good month and a half, it's time to slide for a few days.
So, off for a powernap before sproggo gets home.