Summer In Mid-December
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My post-holiday meal tends to be rather "bright" and spicy - although I'm fond of UK food to a degree there comes a time after all the festivities when I need a break from the stodginess and over-rich English fare.
A few years ago, I decided to go with a Mexican meal for friends; Mexican food is obviously rather unusual here and the English aren't quite sure what's up with it, but this was met with much approval as by then everyone was "sick to death of turkey" as it was put to me. So, guac, salsa, fajitas and quesadillas and burritos went down quite well, washed down with a fair bit of margarita. It's become a new tradition in my house; nowadays I am the only one here to indulge, though child won't turn down tortilla chips.
Now, I do have to sadly lean on the storebought "El Paso" stuff as finding a better supplier is a bit problematic. However, I was able to supplement this rather bland stuff with much more interesting touches thanks to the anchos and mulatto chillies I grew and roasted earlier in the year.
The end result has been a very tasty chili , which I've put over a cheddar and chilli cornbread I made a while ago, topped with cheese, all appropriately spiced so it's anything but bland and oversweet as most chili tends to be. I would have taken a picture of it, but I've managed to eat it now...maybe later.
It does certainly inspire me to grow more chillies next year, however, and I'll have to add those seeds to my list.

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