Compost Restart (While The Energy Lasted)
0 comment Friday, June 13, 2014 |
This morning after a rather groggy night (sprog tired, missed his MMR appointment, then up at midnight for three hours) I decided to turn my attention to my compost pile, which had stalled out on me a little while ago. I headed out, fork in hand, and after trying futilely to give it a stir in the plastic container, I gave up and shifted the whole container about three feet to the left. The lower portion of the mix was lovely although littered with grape hyacinth bulbs. The rosebush is probably quite happy right now! I decided to add more shredded paper and cardboard to the pile as it was just too wet and things were breaking down into pockets of ooziness here and there.
The good news was that there was a huge nest of earthworms in the centre, which is always good news! I moved them carefully as I basically forked everything back into the bin in its new position, added more shredded material to the whole, raked through the compost that was left round the rosebush, but ran out of steam before I could deal with all the bulbs (and I'll have to do that soon as I really am NOT a fan of grape hyacinths and the flippin' things are everywhere!).
Hopefully the compost will be happier now where it's put, the nearly-finished compost can keep the rose happy, and once I get the bulbs out of it, I'll move some of it down into my pots to give my strawberries and the cherry tree a good start.