The Week Of Overdoing It A Bit
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There's nothing else for it, really - things need doing and by Gods I'm going to do them, though I'm well aware I'm going to be exhausted and in pain from Thursday on; and it's a Wump weekend this week.
I was blessed to be talking to a rheumy who actually works with bodybuilders/weight lifters the world over, and he's been to the US quite a bit; so much so in fact his eyes took a bit of a steely glint when I said I had been denied access to the hospital pools due to my weight. "You can't be that heavy, surely?" Yes, I'm fat, but I don't look my scale weight - huge problem for me over here, but I just said "Bone mass" and he understood exactly. Bone mass builds a lot when you've worked out for a long time and so the scales always gave huge results for me. He's aware of that and said to me without prompting "I know how it goes, a lot of people I work with are told they're unfit, when the simple truth of the matter is they're just big, end of, especially as US heredity has mixed a lot more than ours."
Result! So not only am I not being told to just "exercise and lose weight", he's going to have a word to get me into the physio pool - and he's also well aware it won't be fun. Physio is boring. There is no weightlift 'rush' and he could break it down in language I understood. He suggested some supplements I hadn't thought of and I asked about a few others (and he was impressed I knew about them, which in his eyes was further proof I knew my shit). Further Results noted.
The rheumy promised to test for everything, and also to set up a bone scan for me as he's aware that's a pretty common thing in folks who lift. No one ever even suggested it, so I'm glad on that score even if it means I'll be more radioactive again. Then, the blood test sheet - he ticked damn near every box, and he even wrote in a few more, wanting to seek out some hormones of thyroid no one bothered to look at before. The pathology nurse just stared in shock and then went to have a word with the lab about trying to double up some of the bloods so they wouldn't have to take all of it. Hopefully that's what they're doing, not just deciding (as apparently they're wont to do) to not run certain tests! After giving what felt like a pint out of my not-so-abundant veins the nurse actually whinged about having to fill them all out! Yes, well, you just took it all out of ME thankyouverymuch.
Feeling a bit lightheaded, I made my way into town and decided to catch up with a friend, have lunch, and then we Got The Sand for the Pit sorted out. Hurrah! Those bags were insane heavy and I still sigh and think "I could have carried two of these...heigh ho." In any event, we poured it in and then I realised this is the really gorgeous beach-sand stuff; so soft it was like playing in coarse flour. Sprog went out to sample the glory with his bucket and spade and even took his shoes and socks off and gave a little involuntary "oooh!" when he walked around in it. He build a wee castle and now we need to make some flags tomorrow I think, and plan for moat building!
I'm now completely exhausted and it will be a very early evening with nothing else planned - as, yes, I'm off out tomorrow to go through the cardio stuff, then round for asthma if I don't end up collapsing. Somewhere in there I need to get the shopping order sorted, and then work on sewing child's school trousers so they actually fit. Carrying on, tired or not.

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