Tatties In A Row
0 comment Monday, May 12, 2014 |
I seem to have overdone the tatties order again. Oh dear...
I had thought the kits meant that there would be one potato per growbag, but apparently they instead put one whole bag of a type of spud per grow kit. I've got double the amount of the tatties in this photo and this alone will put us in spuds for aaaages. It's a good thing child really enjoys them in every form or I think we'd have a problem! Still, it's just too much.
So I'm the benevolent gifter of seed tatties to friends again this year as I've got another ten bags to figure out what to do with! Four bags already spoken for thank goodness and I might be able to plant another two myself but if I keep anything it will be the maincroppers which will keep a bit longer than the other two.
Whole lotta spuds.