I Thought Everyone Had Breakfast With A Gruffalo
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In a bid to get sprog reading a bit more readily, we've been collecting books with storytellers reading along on a separate CD. This seems to be working relatively well though sprog refuses to listen to "Room on the Broom" (to my great pagan chagrin) due to him assuming it is "too scary" because there's a witch on the cover. Cue my amusement. He's very fond of A Squash and a Squeeze but we don't have the book for that. And of course, the Gruffalo. I don't often allow these kinds of distractions when we're eating but it gives us something to chat about when eating our breakfast (raspberry muffins for him, brioche buns for me). Featured with our brekkie were the first of the British Strawberries (caps completely intended)- I went to the market yesterday, and I couldn't pass them up as they had been warming in the sun and smelled heavenly. Sprog has eaten a whole punnet to himself, and of course I've allowed it - the more fruit he eats, the better, and it will soon be time for us to stuff ourselves stupid with strawberries and raspberries.
After the morning's breakfast and routine for school stuff is sorted out, I've got some soap I made last night which will need tucking away to cure, and I've got one or two more batches to do. Then, next week it's all about cleaning up the current stuff I have, rewrapping and doing more labelling, as well as fliers, a banner, and a couple other things I've never really bothered to do before, but I feel this event warrants it. I then need to do the bath offerings; they're dead easy, but take a fair bit of time and materials, and also are better the "fresher" they are, so I try and do those the last week before any event. It means some rather late nights and a messy kitchen, but a fresher product is worth it for me.
Today, the weather seems to be confused. Still a bit chilly out there but warm enough for me to be able to venture outside and do some more weed eradicating, strimming and general tidying up. I want to get a bed clear for the comfrey, and now I'm pretty sure where I'm going to put it, but I need to shuffle things around a bit and attempt (ha!) to fluff up and weed out the bed, or at least make a hole, clear out as many dandelions as possible and hope for the best.
I have to admit the �750 is BURNING A HOLE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT! I want to soooooo spend that money on topsoil and some extra beds and a small growhouse and even MORE compost and a watering hose system and-and-and *gah*! But I have to be strong and hold onto it to get some more of the landscaping work done first. Be strong, woman, be strong. All in good time. In the meantime, the toms are relatively happy indoors, and the strawberries are doing their best to try and set some fruits even in the rather coldish temperatures we're having.
Onward we go, and hopefully soon we'll have something to show on the table from the gardening efforts.

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