Change Is A'Coming
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My son is a pretty good barometer. He's well enough when it's fair, but he gets more and more "weebly" when change starts to set it. Apparently this is a common theme among children with sensory issues, and the nursery used to watch the skies with as much anxiety as any farmer, as clouds moving in meant the kids were a bit harder to handle. It has taken an extra 15 minutes for my son to get through his breakfast, 15 minutes for him to remember to brush his teeth. He keeps forgetting what I've sent him up to his room to do (get dressed, get socks, etc) so today is when the PECS cards come in handy, as well as a good breakfast and a fair bit of patience.
This morning I actually ate breakfast - yay blueberry muffins and pu-erh tea! I froze half the baking spoils yesterday and today will embark on making some brioche using a new method, though due to the weather shift, I'll have to mind it a bit more than usual. (which turned out great, albeit the dough is SOOOOO sticky, it's supposed to be; doesn't it look wonderful?)
The pressure change affects my energy levels and my pain as well - normally I don't mind a visit into town but today it feels more like an obligation than a pleasure. Still, needs must once I get the laundry going, dishes sorted out, bread made and suss out what to make for dinner today (though sprog is requesting last night's dinner again - !!!! - and I have more in the freezer, so that's one less thing to worry about).
Oils and butters order made to make more soap, though I am unfortunately now losing a weekend to make soap due to a Mad Scheme ex is procuring in building an oak bed from scratch - already resulting in him having to take a week off work and now unable to do his requisite weekend with child (don't ask....autism obsessiveness has struck). He'll be over for a night then back to work with wood some more. This means no soap this weekend, so I've now got to cram it into Thursday and Friday, with probably some hot process soap jammed in next week. Not pleased, but nothing else for it now.
So now I'm off to do some bread, hoping sprog might be interested in the process (very sticky, very physical, possibly quite fun) - but first, dishes.

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